What is the xassgame?

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You may come across micro-stories with the twitter hashtag #xass. This tag is used for the twitter hashtag xass game. Every Sunday word lovers get together to tweet a short story, usually a mystery. The twitter game is curated by @psychopoesie & @brudberg. To discover what the current mystery word is visit @xassgame

Here are the latest xass short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #xass (some tweets below may not be stories)

Sarge had got kind of used to these temporal shifts in #xass but he was still figuring out how the Princess had managed to slap him if she had already hightailed it into the woods to see Grandma but then he realised that the no longer sleeping beauty was none other than Kate

She sat up and slapped both Fax and Sarge on the cheek, you have no right to wake up a princess from her beauty sleep, she yelled, everybody spends a fortune but for me a sound sleep is enough, hey waynepain, bring me another sleep mask, those two idiots tore mine! #xass

And replied “I just want extra time and your .... kiss” so being a Prince he naturally obliged but before he could say “The most beautiful girl in the world: I wanna be your lover” she’d zoomed off in his Little Red Riding Corvette! #xass

Fax pointed to a rather dashing young man in the corner. “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to get your Prince, Sarge” The young man explained that he was telling the sleeping princess “U don’t have 2 be beautiful 2 be my girl” when she suddenly sat up #xass

A curvilinear kernel of truth in all those imagined scenes of atrocity, sighed Sarge pricketly. Here crimes look like demos for fun since #xass created a murder story line. That's prickly true, admitted Fax ad-lib, nodding his aching head with bloody sleepy eyes. #artwiculate

Count the corpses and give me a full detail of the way they've been murdered, cried out Sarge with a long sentence shorter than the ones he had in store but not like a chaser of vainglory. A waynpain stuck another waynpain who earned more than himself, what a prick he says. #xass

Mirror mirror in the castle, Kate says, who is the prettiest princess of all short-haired beauties? Country music is yodeling and every killer's heart is washed with holy water against #xass-ic murderous allure. Hey waynpain called Fax who's smitten, bring me a pricket will ya!

Sarge found Fax wiping his lips surrounded by croaking amphibians. “Gosh Inspector, what’s happened to all the bodies and how come the sleeping princess has woken up and gone prancing off into the forest pretending to be Riding Hood?” #xass

A sleeping beauty is #reborn in contemporary attire, self-confident and brave, unlike the passive beauty who lay waiting for the prince escorted by waynpains to kiss her pricked lips in the woods where a wolf tries to attack a red-hooded girl with a dagger. #xass #vss365

A John Wayne couldn't stay indifferent to the prickets in a castle worse than the one Bram Stoker imagined. Prickets of all prickets don't sleep until all prickets prick the Thorny Castle's disloyal royal family, one of whom has a Rapunzel hair to go through hedges&ditches. #xass

A spire inspires to write a good crime story, said Mr.Spike, the new detective to a Mr.Pricket, a greenhorn gumshoe. A waynpain tries to go up on the social ladder in wain, in pain. There rains disaster on a sleeping beauty without a grain of protection, added Fax grimly. #xass

He phoned Fax. “Evening boss. How do I get through the picket and the thicket to investigate the pricket?” “There’s a small gap in the hedge” came the reply “but be careful of the thorns - it’s not called the way in pain for nothing!” #xass

Arriving at the castle, Sarge surveyed the Grimm scene. His first challenge was going to be how to get in. The castle was surrounded by an enormous hedge that didn’t look like it had been cut for about 400 years which could be explained the group of striking gardeners #xass

Sarge was at home listening to Wilson Pricket’s “In the midnight hour” and try to doze when the phone rang. So much for catching up on my beauty sleep he thought. His back was hurting badly but, stiff upper lip and all that, he made his waynpain to meet Fax #xass

“What we’re seeing here is the work of a mass pricket,” said Fax, noting all the other bodies scattered throughout the castle. “Or do i mean the work of a serial pricket?” #xass

As she planned, the curious infant pricketed her finger on the offered rose, and immediately fell into a cursed slumber. Her slumbering body would not be discovered for 400 years. By Fax. #xass pic.twitter.com/J3GC3pwS0S

So Goody Vitriol would have her revenge. She disguised herself as a flower delivery man, hiding a poisoned pricket in the bouquet. #xass pic.twitter.com/fT1Mj2JL2Y

‘‘Twas brillig in the realm of Mare Supial, about the time the celebration of the birth of the queen’s new daughter was to start. But Goody Vitriol had been denied an invitation by Wayne Pain, the king’s man. “What a pricket!” #xass pic.twitter.com/ZKqyBB2TcF

Dear #xass-kateers, today’s word is pricket and our theme is sleeping beauty. Optional bonus word waynpain. Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/JJ27LfeH4t

Dear #xass-kateers, we launch at 11am my time (about 3 and a half hours from now). pic.twitter.com/8hMSz2sFwi

“El nunca” lo hace más bello. Él siempre - nunca está. “Él nunca” siempre está. Él bello siempre. El bello nunca si! La nuca nunca es mía. Siempre nunca será. #intro #nunca #xass