What is the xassgame?

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You may come across micro-stories with the twitter hashtag #xass. This tag is used for the twitter hashtag xass game. Every Sunday word lovers get together to tweet a short story, usually a mystery. The twitter game is curated by @psychopoesie & @brudberg. To discover what the current mystery word is visit @xassgame

Here are the latest xass short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #xass (some tweets below may not be stories)

An epic of innocence performed with dulciloquy by the victim's wife in turban, her son found not guilty at all, she absquatulated the court room without showing any sign of her own guilt under her black hairdress. #xass #vss365

My son killed me, arrest him! Guilty or not guilty we have no licence to decide, said a #xass iso unwillingly. Sarge is out for dinner, there's only a novice detective here, a vindictive dude who wants all graffiti artists to the electric chair!

The question Dr Opbear cannet duck is whether the beak and feet were removed from the corpse pre or post mortem. A soliloquy would suffice in answer to this question; save the dulciloquy for the prosecution. You can take it to the Banksy it was a villainous act. #xass

Fancy words from my soul for my cannet body mortally wounded at the back of my head, no dulciloquy about a dark red painted crime, only the sialic anger of 12 angry jurors please, whispered the corpse into the unhearing #xass ears. #artwiculate

DrOpbear finally opined in the cause of death “You see that dent on the back of the head? It’s been caused by an impact from a hard object”. Sarge picked up an empty paint container “Could it be this? Did someone throw the can ‘ard at ‘im?” #xass

The Dulciloquy Investors Syndicate was attempting a hostile takeover of the Dulciloquy Assurance Traders. Maybe DetectO’s killer was motivated by a bit of DIS or DAT. #xass

Now he was more or less on his own. Who indeed would be his role model, now that his role model had gone. Certainly not that new DI, Spike: all she ever did was root around in the weeds. So, he asked himself, who might have wanted DetectO dead? #xass

Sarge missed Fax now that he’d gone off into retirement with Kate. He’d always been the Lewis to Fax’s Morse, happy to do the grunt work of collecting evidence at the crime scene, interviewing witnesses and so on. While he focussed on method, Fax had gone in more for motive #xass

@Cormanus “No, the duckers are still sulking about it, wanting to give farmers the go ahead to destroy any bloody koala home they find” Opbear answered the squeaky gate, in a way that she can not replicate spelling...but it was a very fancy word. #xass

The NP had a fit of the vapours & a dummy spit. I cannet understand all the fuss about koala trees, give me an ants nest any day. Anyhoo, on with the arrest Sage, paint me a picture of the crime. #xass

@Flickword I'm glad you're here Opbear. I just saw you poncing around on the telly with Aaron Pederson and a wombat or two. I cannet imagine the fame didn't go to your head. Did the NP agree to save your home? #xass

“Ok, where’s the corpse?” Opbear barked. “I cannet do my work without a body. And btw, why the duck is there paint everywhere? I can’t possibly be expected to work under these circumstances. Do your own autopsy Sarge!” #xass

“Duck, duck, duck”......Opbear repeated her usual greeting, but for a G rated audience, as she arrived at the cannet scene. She was like a bear with a sore head, following a night on the turps sweet talking the NSW National party politicians into saving her home. #xass

Lady boy, you're offensive, let my pure boy alone! An outfit doesn't make you a lady nor a heraldry! Keep your ducks away from me, I need a long beak for an Arabian sword, and a dark graffiti! Take #xass ic guard! But Sarge caught the dark woman off guard!

"Defective Inspector," said Sarge, reaching for his telephone and scrollling through his photographs, "I think I met your neice last week. You echidna lot cannet help sticking your noses into things." #xass pic.twitter.com/ju7HqC9iQ3

Spike wandered in & ducked under the police tape. I love Banksy she thought. Bin a while, I really should make an arrest. #xass

Cennet(Heaven) is under the mothers' feet, went on mom's dulciloquy. My poor boy, who killed you in this foreign land of drunkards! We're only lonesome immigrants, may God punish all criminals! Sarge stirred his milked tea nervously, after all a crime ended #xass criminally.

There was no doubting it, the body of evidence was clear or rather the body of the late Detect-O dumped in the dumpster with the slugs. Sarge asked the dark turbaned lady, who had found the body, what else she could tell him. “Well for a start I’m no lady” #xass pic.twitter.com/2sZRAJIqwO

Was it a woman? Was there really a corpse? Have we been conned by the dulciloquy of a Banksy who cannet be named? Sarge thinks even the corps may be graffiti. As usual Dr Opbear is nowhere to be seen. Must be looping the loop with her mate. #xass pic.twitter.com/uSKyO0TjUR

Who can be charged with homicide? From which direction the graffiti was fired? Had someone been in the place who had no business there? His soliloquy cut short by a hysterical cry, Sarge noticed a dark woman in a piece of cloth worn as a turban, she was impossible to read. #xass

In the dim light all graffiti looked like malicious gargoyles. I cannet see any beak or feet but I found a full dead body of a high ranked graffiti artist, cried Sarge bristling with excitement. The profile is perfect, he added with dulciloquy. #xass see the fleur-de-gypsy!

Sarge was no forensic @Flickword Dr. OpBear, but even in his hungover haze, he thought he knew what happened. Seeing the slugs, he stated, “Cannet deny it, this guy forgot to duck.” #xass

Channelling his inner Al, Sarge headed to the crime scene “Got a short little span of attention And, whoa, my nights are so long Where's my wife and family? What if I die here? Who'll be my role model Now that my role model is gone?” He ducked back down the alley #xass

Sarge was not one to be sweet talked - not at that time of the morning anyway when he was still nursing his habitual Saturday night hangover. “What’s with all these murders on a Sunday morning? You cannet be serious!” But he was a dutiful cop and knew he could not duck out #xass

@Cormanus No skipping the skip, Sarge. Dulciloquy cannet be forced though. #xass