What is the xassgame?

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You may come across micro-stories with the twitter hashtag #xass. This tag is used for the twitter hashtag xass game. Every Sunday word lovers get together to tweet a short story, usually a mystery. The twitter game is curated by @psychopoesie & @brudberg. To discover what the current mystery word is visit @xassgame

Here are the latest xass short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #xass (some tweets below may not be stories)

Thanks for another fun #xass-iso. For some extra fun, here’s the song and band that inspired this week’s living in the seventies theme. youtu.be/cLUtKKoMetM

Tossing his spent coffee cup in the recycling bin, Sarge decided to brigue back the spliff from earlier in the story, reignited it and took a mighty drag. "1970s? Fashion?" he mused, "Prue actin' on a hunch, Helena Rub ... No! It must have been the Max Factor." #xass

"Three dead 'uns," mused Sarge, sipping a double decaf turmeric latte, "Saf Arisuit, John Doe in sharkskin and a mogul dead on the rocks. It's all about fashion." #xass pic.twitter.com/oy51KteGW3

Murders in #xass for a gumshoe known for his charisma is a child play in kindergarden. What brigue in, what bloody plot within Sarge can see in the doings of a criminal childhood's deep set problems. Here he found the amoral treatment as the main reason of serial killing. #vss365

I see you're all criminally tainted, you must be tamed in a #xass institute before you attempt any murder cases on your own. Although not rupestrians of antedeluvian times you're the remnants of 70's, militants of new ideas. Now mind your own business, yelled Sarge. #artwiculate

On rocky mountains #xass spirit is captured doing brigues against nature. All crew must be arrested and put in shackles at once before Putin send them all to Siberia. Sarge here, yelled Polly Ester, I found a bracelet with the initials DIE!

Saf Arisuit was a soft hearted man authorized by his haggish briguesh wife. No wonder he got a lover before he kicked the bucket under his wife's rule. Such a mule she is, she rather dies than let him his own way. Water his grave not with tears but with water in the oasis. #xass

'One dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon'! We're in the middle of sheer desert Kate, let's find those criminals before we die in that damn desert. Have you got a dessert or some such thing to quench my thirst for #xass ic crime cases?

Brigueands all around fed up with them barked Sarge. Come here Kate let's go after that snake find out the gender and start to #xass brigue

Lessons are for students I'm no #xass green horn I like whom I like even if that costs my life. Constable got angry for something briguely!

@psychopoesie Ah! He was gerry rigged as he tried to rappel into the hall of fame with a bag of brigue-ettes to help stoke the fire. #xass

@Cormanus Perhaps he’d been set upon by brigue-ands, experiencing the cave-in while trying to escape? Or else a misstep while trying to get his rocks off? #xass

"Wish I could spell," Sarge runimated, reviewing his earlier tweet briguely. Then the phone rang and he was off to investigate the rupestrian end of a mogol who caved his head in on the rocks below. #xass #artwiculate

@SuAy30 "Clumsy sod of a constable," thought Sarge as he searcyed for a brigue to teach the young fellow a lesson. #xass

Ester in Pollyanna style cut short the #xass glances, mes dames et messieurs beware, we're in the midst of abominable crimes in prime time!

Young constable fell for Kate! It's a very bad sign for Sarge, those eyes locked in each other! Another killing can take place soon! #xass

All #xass briguesters come along here, Kate has got an announcement! Sarge and herself are after a snakelike being beating around the bush!

Polly molly molly tells the stories of Arabian Nights so that no one else can get killed including herself. Two is enough for #xass brigue.

Here's an oasis all #xass crew can relax. Do your best under the trees protected from the heat of beat music. Who killed Safari and why?

A flatfoot on the sand with a flinty heart of a man with difficult #xass brigue to solve, two crimes! Get Polly for me then flower spouse!

Bury him with flowers with orchids if any He was a flower boy of 60's. At 70's he was still flowering, what a pity he's a dead flower #xass

Yeux noirs, yeux passionnes those burning eyes now looking at nowhere in Dalek's poesie If Lou were around she would say c'est normal #xass

Yes it's more than a clue, first he says kiss me Kate, then he goes after Polly! Oh men are incorrigible! Animal nature in the brigue! #xass

It's a #xass brigue, let Pollyanna think about it! Sarge's intimate nature is holistic therefore he knows. There must be jealousy behind!

@SuAy30 "Another body in the sand - Sarge! Droppy!" screamed Kate (late again, as usual) "Looks like he's wearing sharkskin - could that be a brigue clue?" #xass

Oh golly, Polly folly berger is still wailing at the disco brigue break. What's this, a man already tied the knot has Polly lovers! #xass

Voici un pauvre cowboy solitaire, loin de son foyer si cher! He's incedibly dead lying in the sand Another corpse a brigue distance. #xass

Hey Safari put on your suit we're going to the desert! Just a few hours ago his wife yelling at him while doing brigue a #xass brack!