What is #OHJ?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

OHJ or ‘#ohj‘, is a twitter-based hashtag daily word game created by Paul Nadolny.  Every day the micropoet provides two words from his twitter feed @OddlyStarry.  You create a tweet incorporating one or both words.  Make sure you tag the tweet with #OHJ or #ohj, so other players can find it easily.

Originally, OHJ stood for “Oddly Haunted Journey”, because in October 2011, Paul conceived this as a one month game leading up to Halloween.  Now the letters mean something different each month, depending on the monthly theme.

Visit his website to find out more.

Here are the latest ohj micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #ohj (some tweets below may not be poems)

Reminder: Today’s words are “meet” and/or “greet” but NOT “meet and greet” #unpair #ohjDailyWords #ohj bit.ly/N9yibo

Death waits to greet me I slither out of this life To meet my maker #haiku #ohj #haikuchallenge

@ArdenTyneKent I wanted to think of one for costermonger but wasn't full enough of fertilizer to grow the repugnant produce, if you know what I mean... (no seriously I have no idea what I mean... :-) #OHJ --

Today’s words are “meet” and/or “greet” but NOT “meet and greet” #unpair #ohjDailyWords #ohj bit.ly/N9yibo

Peas and beans, he’s tended, grown Noting cabbage, repugnant, unsold Our costermonger, cherry cheeks His handcart soon of winter leeks His hands will know the difference. #Ohj Eck, Paul. This was hard, hard!

Her love has weaved from blistered stars Snow-white gloves that she may bear His fury there by hand held high By glove-slit lash Cries mercy. #Ohj

Arise the hour All fate abides Death seeps in On cold, grey tides No human defense By tumult or prayer Slows that fate come ticking. #Ohj