What is #OHJ?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

OHJ or ‘#ohj‘, is a twitter-based hashtag daily word game created by Paul Nadolny.  Every day the micropoet provides two words from his twitter feed @OddlyStarry.  You create a tweet incorporating one or both words.  Make sure you tag the tweet with #OHJ or #ohj, so other players can find it easily.

Originally, OHJ stood for “Oddly Haunted Journey”, because in October 2011, Paul conceived this as a one month game leading up to Halloween.  Now the letters mean something different each month, depending on the monthly theme.

Visit his website to find out more.

Here are the latest ohj micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #ohj (some tweets below may not be poems)

One would think pillaging a pirate palace would yield lustier loot! #366FF #ohj #unpair So, when did pillaging become a thing again? No, when did the loot become so lame? Yeah, it will be a thing no more. #microprompt 1194 #ConverStory

Today’s words are “loot” and/or “pillage” but NOT “loot and pillage” #unpair #ohjDailyWords #ohj bit.ly/N9yibo

If that hideous photograph of the pediatrician didn’t serve as a deterrent, then I say we must scuttle the whole mission. #ohj²

Today’s words are “deterrent” and/or “photograph”. Let’s take an Oddly Historic Journey! #ohjDailyWords #ohj bit.ly/N9yibo

Today’s words are “pediatrician” and/or “scuttle”. Let’s take an Oddly Historic Journey! #ohjDailyWords #ohj bit.ly/N9yibo

"Chivalry timbers" was her universal pet name for her 'lil friend #OHJ

Check out this great piece at Old House Journal regarding David Berman's recent experience with installing The Unico System. As David puts it, "I have spent my life restoring old houses. If HVAC was in my future it had better be efficient and virtually invisible." #OHJ #Unico

It is universally believed that chivalry has died, with just a few random outbursts here and there. #ohj

She agonized over whether or not to install the universal chivalry package into her robot boyfriend. #OHJ

. Chivalry is not universal. In fact it died on this planet. . #ohjDailyWords (universal &/or chivalry) #ohj #haiku #senryu #poetry #micropoetry #17syllables .