What is #AMSPC?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

You will sometimes come across micropoetry tagged with #AMSPC.  Adam M. Snow’s Poetry Challenge is a bi-weekly twitter hashtag word prompt game. Every Monday and Thursday adam tweets a word prompt and contributors respond with a poem appended with the hashtag #AMSPC. For more information visit Adam’s twitter account @AMSnowOfficial.

Here are the latest AMSPC poems live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #AMSPC (some tweets below may not be poems)

When I look across the ocean shining with the pale moon I ache for you. A deep ache, sticks and stones inside my heart. I wish you here to weather the storm with me and chase away my salt water blues. #AMSPC #PoetryChallenge #023 #MarchFalls20 pic.twitter.com/7fvmlM0TwL

#AMSPC 25 Lock and key for it's your heart that fits right in, maintained with a Lil bit of tenderness vulnerable wide open gateway to my feelings insecurities thrown aside opening to your nature for your eyes smiled promises nourishing the fate of my heart intertwining us pic.twitter.com/v8bNzIwjkh

Like an assassin, your love stalked me surrounding me with haunting desire. Your dern tendrils bound me, until I was unsure if you were the victor or the villain. The truth is, I don't want to know I just want you. #366FF #AMSPC #PoetryChallenge #024 #BraveWrite #MarchFalls20 pic.twitter.com/BPZ7Qqxzok

Beneath her skin deep inside dark corners lived licentious haunting desires strangling her core frenzying her mind leaving her panting and screaming for the cuffs and flogger #AMSPC #PoetryChallenge 24 pic.twitter.com/Ar2mhBG5IS

#PoetryChallenge #025 The line to use is 'Lock and Key.' Use it in a poem. #AMSPC when done. Good luck. #poetry #poetryprompt

Through time I have yearned For somewhere new A chance meeting With a kindred soul I sensed I knew Lost whispers betray A haunting desire For that soul to be you #atreyasverse #vsspoem #AMSPC #poetry Image: Pinterest pic.twitter.com/wyonIOPhTU

#AMSPC #24 Haunting desires burning me up inside, awaken me from this silence ...made of dreams broke my chains and gave me my freedom for what? everywhere I go sadness follows you cannot escape a broken heart for all it has left is to haunting itself since you sent me...away

#PoetryChallenge #024 The line to use is 'Haunting Desire.' Use it in a poem. #AMSPC when done. Good luck. #poetry #poetryprompt