What is a punku?

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A punku or #punku is a three line poem that is structurally similar to haiku and is 17 syllables or less. The “pun” part here is definitely intended, the focus of the poem usually being a play on words. The official creator of the hashtag is writer Demi Newell,  and you can follow her tweets here @DemiNewell.

Here are the latest punku micropoems live from twitter.
Twitter hashtag: #punku

Not everyone can Excel at chicanery There’s a trick to it #366FF (chicanery) #haiku #PunKu

He intended to Look for his lost watch but could Never find the time #haikuchallenge (look) #haiku #PunKu

the stolen outhouse the police look into it nothing to go on #HaikuChallenge look #Punku

My dentist must be Melancholy because she Looks down in the mouth #haikuchallenge (look) #haiku #PunKu

They fought over whose Turn it was to do laundry Until he folded #vss365 (whose) #haiku #PunKu

He brought her flowers Then leaned in for a kiss as He offered tulips #BraveWrite (kiss) #haiku #PunKu