What is a myku?

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On twitter you may come across poems appended with the twitter hashtag #myku. From what I understand, a myku is a poem very similar to a haiku, but not necessarily following the rules. A haiku with your own personal twist… a myku.

Here are the latest myku micropoems live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #myku
(some tweets below may not be poems)

#MYKU: Tik Tok on the clock ? Privacy risk, clips of shlock ? More new World worries

#MYKU: Your bad intention Devious, not to mention Stay away from me

#MYKU: Days, weeks, months, decades Unless incarcerated Time goes by too fast

A haiku (myku) from the book The Weather Report: 3-5-3 Our lips touch Torrential rain storms Soaked her thighs #AKoldPiece #Haiku #Poetry #PunlishedAuthor #AdultHaiku #Myku

#MYKU: Chicken topped pizza Delicious, sacrilegious ? Either, neither, both ?

#MYKU: Wearing my Dad's ring Appraised worth irrelevant To me, it's priceless