waves crash on the shore,
move earth and sand to and fro,
ending a moment . . .

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B R Fleming (12 Poems)

B. R. Fleming grew up in the '60's reading sci-fi novels and watching sci-fi movies and was a musician in rock bands that played psychedelic rock and the music of the British invasion. After serving in the US Air Force as a Technical Instructor during the Vietnam War, he returned to civilian life and began a career in teaching, which he has followed since. He lives in Southern California and still plays music and teaches classes in English Lit and Creative Writing in high school, as well as college classes in Teaching the Gifted and Talented and Drama. He studied Screenwriting at the University of California, Irvine, and has completed five feature-length film scripts. His screenplays have been marketed to Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Pictures Marketing. His novel, "Summertime Blues," recounts life in the '60's through the eyes of teen Peter Bennings and focuses on the struggles that all teens must face in "growing up." His novel, "The Secret People," follows Lesley Whitney as she enters the realm of Native American Spiritualism and encounters the Inorganic Beings on her search for her missing father in the Four corners region of the US. Mr. Fleming's next projects will be a sequel to "Summertime Blues," "Upping Peter," and "The Colony Trilogy: Torus I; The Colony; and The Coming," a fact-based sci-fi series revolving around colonization of the solar system.

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