#VSS – Very Short Story

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You will sometimes find micro stories on twitter appended with the twitter hashtag #vss. The initials ‘VSS’ stands for Very Short Story. The use of this tag was started by @VeryShortStory. He says ‘I ask my Twitter followers to send me nouns. The nouns that inspire me, I use in a very short story that I send out on my @veryshortstory Twitter feed. Since it’s Twitter, the stories have to fit in 140 characters. This character space limitation can be challenging, but it forces me to use my creativity to find a way to convey the stories in a small space. My best trick is getting the readers to use their imagination to fill in the gaps’.

Microprose and fiction writers attach #vss to their very short stories. I’m not sure if this is part of a twitter hash tag game? If anyone has anymore info please contact me

Here are the latest very short stories ‘vss’ live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #vss
(some tweets below may not be stories)

“Shut It #Trump#DonaldTrump’s increasingly obvious speech impediment was a mystery to many. Only the doctors at #WalterReed knew it was from the most grotesque #torus palatinus* they had ever seen. *harmless, painless bony growth located on the roof of the mouth #vss #vss365 pic.twitter.com/WHVPUnkaeg

“Where The Fuck Was #MelaniaTrump When This Shit Was Happening? Oh, Right! She Never Lived There So ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind’: A Poem” Through the halls of the #WhiteHouse, #Trump’s words would #echo. Women would scream, begging #DonaldTrump to “LET GO”! #vss #vsspoem #vss365 pic.twitter.com/XcJ0BLU6cw

#Moonmystic #poetry #writing #vss In those picturesque clouds I see nought but Cupid’s arrow Poised ready to make it’s hit As you walk by one day Though nought do I know Your beautiful face I wink & smile at the sky Who knows More Than You My Wait

Hey all, it’s #FlexVSS! The daily flexible #vss prompt for #writingcommunity The rules: 1. Write a story within a tweet(s) 2. Use “The Word of the Day” somewhere within the story. 3. All tenses + compounds allowed! Get creative!! Our word for August 10th is — Swipe/Swat