What is #Poetweet, #tweetpoem, #tweetpoetry & #poem?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

As there as no real defining rules, micropoems on twitter come with many different hashtags. Although #micropoetry is hugely popular, other tags such as #poetweet, #tweetpoem and #tweetpoetry are often used.

The hashtag #poem is also a bit of a wildcard. Though it may seem obvious to append micropoetry with #poem; many twitter posters use the #poem hashtag to promote larger poems. This means micropoetry with the #poem hashtag can be somewhat lost amongst many other none micropoetry related tweets.

Here are the latest micropoems with these twitter hashtags:#poetweet, #poetwi, #poetwee, #tweetpoem, #tweetpoetry, #poem (poem tag imay just be a link to larger poems)

I haven't found my muse but my pen isn't ready to die Let's see all of your recent poems RT for other poets to join #Poetry_Planet #poetry #poetweet #poetree twitter.com/the_hollowgirl… pic.twitter.com/XnXmAuPdly

I haven't found my muse but my pen isn't ready to die Let's see all of your recent poems RT for other poets to join #Poetry_Planet #poetry #poetweet #poetree pic.twitter.com/oPUMT7NaqZ twitter.com/___Zeeenah/sta… pic.twitter.com/3wLH5Ho2rv

rain scurry bonsai strawberry peat tangerine cry freeze SusanNAassahde #poetry #micropoetry #haiku #Senyru

You came as a muse wooing with words then left me broken into stanzas of our gone poetry. Gloria D. Gonsalves #poetry, #muse, #words

the wind lifts her curved nudity hidden in the water curtain: I touch the strings that whisper love in each falling drop Ram Krishna Singh

I miss the days when the wind carried our laughter with it. It must have taken you along with it, to a place where the laughter lives. dillontodd #micropoetry, #poetry, #laughter #wind

The moon whispers of spells & secrets of ancient rituals of the lands beyond It called her by a name The name deep within The one no one had known The one from centuries past And she had changed She would never be the same She understood the charge She now would begin

I will undress you again & again As many times you wore anything but me. Gourab Banerjee

I see your struggle Beneath the facade The hidden fears Empty solitudes The quest for peace But it’s all an illusion Of your own device Tracy Meyerhofer #struggle #fear #peace #poetry #micropoetry #writingcommunity

rice pure whiteness against the steamed colored vegetables honors my hunger r soos #hunger, vegetables

Me??? My love u qualm me n my love I, until the end of the time I love, my love Its sphere is as ample as the sky above Karthik #love, #poetry, #micropoetry

On this wicked bubble I kneel to rid of trouble which sees me as rubble. Gloria D. Gonsalves

Few things remain in mind, which need to be recalled again with time Rules of the game they don't change Better continue playing keeping the same thing in mind. aniketnikhade

image I'm age truly pun a picture of myself too I'm all a poem if you listen close you will hear everybody talking in haiku r soos

Live life according to what you want Be yourself Always be a part of what you want in life Sooner or later the rest will follow Time heals everything in life. aniketnikhade

Falling slow in motion like the ocean rolling waves splashing crashing over & over currents undertow coming back w/ the flow mikemumbled

Tu lengua cosquillea excitante en mi lóbulo, me giro seducida y en eso... ¡Arrr! #Dodoitsu #PoesiaJaponesa #humor #ChistePoema #TweetPoem #Poema #Kumdeamor pic.twitter.com/D6i6bm3fh1

Watching you with the kids we shoulda had seeing you pour your heart out over those tiny heathens that we shoulda had and you know it, too every-one hates sour grapes letsfly2000