What is #Poetweet, #tweetpoem, #tweetpoetry & #poem?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

As there as no real defining rules, micropoems on twitter come with many different hashtags. Although #micropoetry is hugely popular, other tags such as #poetweet, #tweetpoem and #tweetpoetry are often used.

The hashtag #poem is also a bit of a wildcard. Though it may seem obvious to append micropoetry with #poem; many twitter posters use the #poem hashtag to promote larger poems. This means micropoetry with the #poem hashtag can be somewhat lost amongst many other none micropoetry related tweets.

Here are the latest micropoems with these twitter hashtags:#poetweet, #poetwi, #poetwee, #tweetpoem, #tweetpoetry, #poem (poem tag imay just be a link to larger poems)

se acuerdan cuando la gente escribía ique #poetweet

So for fun I thought I'd see a poem made from @thespdm's tweets. The result is genius (sadly, can't make a poem from Marble's wisdom). "Right Hand" by The Rant God. #poetweet poetweet.com.br/?p=wMycDMzIzM&…

Nos enamoramos de lo que vemos y amamos lo que llegamos a conocer. -Pandorum- #poetuit #poetweet #versoLibre #FrasesDeAmor pic.twitter.com/Xal6rqOOWu

Te propongo que me hagas olvidar mí pasado #amor #poetweet

#peotuit #poetweet ¡Eadem resurgo mutata! He vuelto... a ver si poetuiteo o mi flojera cínica innata me gana.

I'm addicted to this poetweet site. Lol. I can't stop. Sonnets are my Fave. "Campaign violation" by Bryan Zubler. #poetweet poetweet.com.br/?p=ANxIDMzIzM&…

The revision mistakes are my style... "The end" by Stephen David Wark. #poetweet poetweet.com.br/?p=QM1EDMzIzM&…

I want to thank all who submitted to the micropoetry society & apologize for not being able to regularly post poems over the recently year. This was due to little free time with 2nd child & my photography project @tubemapper We now have a mod so #poetry will be slowly published

Rickety rock steps down the hill into the yard of misunderstanding: summer came on again a week before November, the sky blue pearl white, the landscape cream colored beer. By Mhbrownstein #micropoetry #writing #poetry #poem

rain perfect winter storm pries up the gray roof shingles and drips on the bed r soos

immerse time won’t protect me I still continue to age respond with breath r soos

@Elena_Beate @tubemapper Awesome thanks Elena. I will post more details here soon. Just confirming interest in the idea.

PUBLISHING MICROPOETRY I just wanted to thank everyone that follows me. I don't get chance to post much since focusing on my photography. However my photo project @tubemapper, soon have the opportunity to publish poetry. Would people be interested? #amwriting #writing #poetry