What is a Twaiku?

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A twaiku is a haiku posted on Twitter, so is limited to 140 characters. Most twaikus would not meet the more traditional definitions of haiku, partly because they tend to miss kidai or kigo, a reference to the season in which the haiku is set. Such a stringent definition also includes kireji, or “cutting word”, a special emphasis on a particular part of the haiku. You might also want to visit twihaiku for more examples.

Here are the latest twaiku micropoems live from twitter, (a few poems may be in Japanese).Twitter hashtag: #twaiku

Patience stolen by LAYERS of incompetence. Pour me red wine, please. #twaiku

Weinig tot geen slaap lawaai, piekeren, emmer plots opklaringen. #twaiku #haiku

Two years of building Up each other – from rough seas To smooth, smooth sailing #haiku #twaiku #micropoetry

Nu, op dit moment, overschakelen naar maart? Zeer onverstandig. #twaiku #absurditeit #absurdetijd

Two years of breaking Down careless trash – bottles, bags – Debris that hurt us #haiku #twaiku #micropoetry

Clouds always roll in Especially on no sleep A storm to be fought #haiku #twaiku #micropoetry

With these two in tow Eastern sunrise at our backs We explore, fly, swim #haiku #twaiku #micropoetry

On his tail, one more Massive, rapid, a creature To change everything #haiku #twaiku #micropoetry