What is #thepush?

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On twitter you may find micropoetry & prose tagged with the twitter hashtag #thepush. The ‘thepush’ is a weekly hashtag word game run by Dave Pickering. He posts a daily prompt on his twitter feed @goosefat101, and followers response with a very short story.

Here are the latest ‘thepush’ very short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #thepush (some tweets below may not be poems)

The news media have created the same conditions in real life as in #ThePush. They are culpable in ratcheting up the hateful political discourse and violence we are experiencing today. #NBC #CNN #FoxNews #MSNBC #HuffingtonPost

Today’s #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is ‘bounce’. Because my impulse investment in a mini trampoline was an excellent idea for long days at a desk!

Today's #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is 'different'. Because I was just reflecting on how utterly changed my life is from how it was four months ago...

LA Kings have a hell of a playoff race ahead of them. Currently sitting at 42 pts in 62 GP 22 pts out of a playoff spot with 20 games to go. #thepush

#ThePush on @NetflixUK has left my outraged in a way I hate being outraged.

It should be noted they served sangria at afternoon tea! Oh, well, when in Spain, I suppose… #ThePush #ohj

When spaceships appeared over Ireland, my granny put on the kettle, preparing to offer the aliens a wee cup of #tea. She was sorely disappointed. The ships turned out to be a British #fleet that had disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle & were now being returned. #vss365 #ThePush

Today's #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is 'tea'. Because I just spilt some all over my laptop...

Me and my housemates watched @DerrenBrown's #ThePush and then #Sacrifice back to back tonight and now we're like this pic.twitter.com/nRJZv7js7C

Instead of outrage we get apathy; is it any wonder why the country is going to hell! #ThePush #moodmon

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Posted by Team Official on Monday, 12 November 2018

Today’s #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is ‘outrage’. Which I seem to feel a lot at the moment... currently mostly with the very concept of ‘per word’ writing rates.

Madre mía, acabo de ver #ThePush y me quedo loquísimo con cómo es la gente. Hasta dónde llegamos para complacer a los demás. WTF.

After watching @DerrenBrown new @Netflix_CA special #sacrifice #thepush I’ve learnt one thing. Never audition for a tv doc that he’s involved in. Complete mindfucks! Well done sir!