What is #thepush?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

On twitter you may find micropoetry & prose tagged with the twitter hashtag #thepush. The ‘thepush’ is a weekly hashtag word game run by Dave Pickering. He posts a daily prompt on his twitter feed @goosefat101, and followers response with a very short story.

Here are the latest ‘thepush’ very short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #thepush (some tweets below may not be poems)

He's always managed it with razors, but now he's getting through three a day just to keep it vaguely under control. That isn't really the issue though. He'd take all the extra hair going if it could just be limited to that. The horns are a new hell. #vss #ThePush #AStoryADay

Listen my Tweethearts...if you have a boss, friend, co-worker, or a significant other who is not pushing you to be your best then reevaluate the relationship. I don’t want to be with people who allow me to be mediocre. Iron Sharpens Iron. #ThePush #GoodtoGreat #LevelUp ❤️💪🏽✅⭐️

Today's #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is'razor'. Because this morning we've mostly been talking about a certain advertising campaign...

I consider looking at what day has in store first, but the computer's normally right. I push the morning's scroll into the feed and hit 'autocorrect'. Whatever else it changes, at least I shouldn't break anything today. #vss #ThePush #AStoryADay

We no longer have autopilot; instead, there’s #autocorrect. Instantly after an accident, the vehicle resets itself in time, to seconds before the collision. It’s the modern way to learn how to #drive. We’ve taken autonomy out of the equation. #vss365 #ThePush

He chose 'Auto-Correct' as the name for his motor-repair garage. Everyone went to the other guy, it was a truly awful pun #ThePush

Today’s #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is ‘autocorrect’. Because every time I set the theme from my phone, there’s a very real chance that you’re going to get a vas theme instead of a vss theme!

Wanna do behavioral tests on people but find your idea is horribly unethical and your procedures are ridiculously nonscientific? That’s okay, just call it a “social experiment” and make it a TV show, and Netflix will give you a wheelbarrow full of money for it. #ThePush

He visited again. She knitted while they talked. 'That murder, a woman was seen leaving the house'. She didn't start or seem concerned, nodded, counting stitches. The ploy had failed. He felt so tired. She poured him another cup as they chatted on about other things #ThePush

The virus was in the stitches. It was too late by the time they figured it out: millions of wounds had already healed and the effects were irreversible. There isn't anyone who visited A&E that evening who doesn't now have horns. #vss #ThePush #AStoryADay