What is #thepush?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

On twitter you may find micropoetry & prose tagged with the twitter hashtag #thepush. The ‘thepush’ is a weekly hashtag word game run by Dave Pickering. He posts a daily prompt on his twitter feed @goosefat101, and followers response with a very short story.

Here are the latest ‘thepush’ very short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #thepush (some tweets below may not be poems)

WOW! What a review for #ThePush @audrain! 'One of the best books I've read all year' @stephwrobel twitter.com/stephwrobel/st…

At #ThePush we love helping up & coming artists develop. Our consultations are great for troubleshooting areas you need to improve in. Drop us a DM for info on how we can help!

When you decide to take a break from blogtour reading, download a novel from @NetGalley_UK and read one of the most devastatingly brilliant novels you have read in some time #ThePush @audrain @MichaelJBooks

#thepush summer is over there's a chill in the air dying leaves n #petals float on an autumn breeze without a care they bring peace n beauty

The beast watched the last petals fall from the enchanted rose. At first, he was desperate for them not to fall before he could break the spell; now he was worried he'd done it. Beast was his identity now, and finally he was comfortable in his own skin. #vss #ThePush #AStoryADay

Have just finished #thepush @AshleyAudrain. Many thanks to @HarperInsider for my copy. 5 stars. Absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for the next novel from this very talented lady. pic.twitter.com/mZ9K9uLAGS

Today's #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is 'petals', following a scene in a really good comedy we're watching that I've already forgotten the name of! #AmWriting #WritingCommunity #Prompts

Nonstop swirling code River of flows colliding Reshaping landscapes #ThePush #BraveWrite #botaiku #HaikuChallenge