What is #thepush?

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

On twitter you may find micropoetry & prose tagged with the twitter hashtag #thepush. The ‘thepush’ is a weekly hashtag word game run by Dave Pickering. He posts a daily prompt on his twitter feed @goosefat101, and followers response with a very short story.

Here are the latest ‘thepush’ very short stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #thepush (some tweets below may not be poems)

Preseason finally over. Season opener Sept 29. #ThePush 🇹🇷

The #walk sign won't change. Just that red hand, telling me what to do, controlling my life. It doesn't know me, where I'm going, or what kind of response I'll have to its false authority. Then a bigrig zooms past, and I realize it has my best interests in mind. #vss #ThePush

My job is simply to walk. They didn't tell me it would be forever. They didn't tell me the world depended on it. I try not to look at the sun as its light dims: the sign that I'm running out of energy and my steps won't maintain it much longer. #vss #ThePush #AStoryADay

They named it ‘a pirate voyage’ and fueled it with alcohol ... So why does this thing feel so lame? Maybe because they have us walking the plank for a drink? #ConverStory² #366FF² #wipwordsearch #ThePush #microprompt 1194

The moon is high this morning. Not ready to sleep. Not ready for goodbye. Holding on to the day. To the light. I walk to work. Watch the sun rise, toward her. For a moment they are together. The skies flood with light. Flood my heart. My lungs. I breathe. Tears falling. #ThePush

Today's #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is 'walk'. Because I've rearranged my day so I'm missing one of my favourite parts :-( #AmWriting #WritingCommunity #Propmpt

Sometime during the long frantic voyage, she became possessed by the doll-faced puppets she had been trying to manipulate. #DarkLines 386, 387 #366FF #ThePush

The show was over. The puppets had looked forward to freedom; to not being forced to act out the same story endlessly. But the reality was grim. Without the puppeteers, they were useless. They couldn't even talk to each other, let alone escape. #vss #ThePush #AStoryADay

No one believed the True Fae when he vlogged; comments continued to pour in about how great his makeup was, how gorgeous he looked. "Listen, little #puppets. Just because you don't see the strings doesn't mean you aren't dancing to someone's tune." #vss #ThePush #urbanfantasy

@kb_brianna Go Do It! It's easy, you can always learn, you can always improve, and it will give you a digital place to call your own. I will give you a corgi picture to put a smile on your face and motivate you to go click that CREATE button! #ThePush #bloggingtribe pic.twitter.com/A0FDmx9l3T

After a frantic search, he found only puppets to blame. #ThePush² #hangtenstories 1022

Today's #vss theme for #ThePush from me and @goosefat101 is 'puppets'. Because we just finished The Dark Crystal Netflix series. The amount of work that went into that show is phenomenal. #AmWriting #WritingCommunity #Prompt

Ive always wanted to create a blog or a youtube channel. but Ive never had the courage especially due to the challenges of personal branding :| SOMEONE TELL ME TO DO IT PLEASE. #com101 #lol #perseverance #PersonalBranding #cmmunications #tellme #thepush

Thank you @PenguinCanada for giving me my first taste of Toronto with our GLOBAL PENGUIN STAR author @audrain I am smitten!! 🇨🇦🥰🇨🇦 #ThePush