pure whiteness against
the steamed colored vegetables
honors my hunger

r soos

(85 Characters incl spaces)



there’s passion

between us

but we stay blind

we keep our urges

deep inside

we are tempted

to touch each other

but we stay deprived

(137 Characters incl spaces)




fingers wrap my neck
tear at my shirt senselessly
naked in my dream

(83 Characters incl spaces)


Vampire Fais Do-Do

Last night
Me and a giant
Charles Bukowski
With exaggerated
Facial features
Were hunting vampires
Outside some kind
Of dreamscape farm
During a Cajun
Fais Do-Do

(160 Characters incl spaces)



Ash grey face wears wrinkles
Scars of ingratitude and barbs
Slumped shoulders, leaky vessel
Draining love, hope & contentment

(127 Characters incl spaces)


Of the Pen

I’m a fighter
I’m a lover
but my pen writes
the chapters of poetry
with one sleek stride
of the pen
another one is written.

(124 Characters incl spaces)