In the outer world you have…. Discoverd atoms and sub-atomic particles,
Explored space and the galaxies,
But remained stranger to thyself as looked inside.

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Commitment To The Cause

Be what you are to be what you want to be
World will remain the same,
the person inside needs to change.
Better to take first step in right direction.

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Take Me to An Escape

Take me to an escape
Where there is no violence
And no abrupt corruption
Where there is no war
And we can live
Without any interuptions
Take me to an escape

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Decide Once and For All

Nothing is impossible in this world,
absolutely nothing,
if the only thing that is kept in mind is what is your aim,
perhaps nothing else other than that.

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All The Best

Believe in yourself
Believe in the world that you live
Have faith and confidence
So what if things did not click this time
Better luck next time
All the best.

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