Bloodstained words
Drift on a crinkly page,
Conjuring up a narrative
Of wars and romance.

(89 Characters incl spaces)



I was born
You were born
You went your way
I went mine
We both grew older
I joined an army
So did you
Then our paths crossed
You shot me…🍎

(141 Characters incl spaces)



The world on fire
Sanctuary lost
And gone
In the blink
Of an eye
And inhumane
Peace is not found
Through war
Of an era
Of a new

(158 Characters incl spaces)


Love Is A War

Yes love is a war
That i don’t wish
To lose
Love is fray
Between fear & Valor
Either take the risk
Till the end
Or forget about it
And move on

(150 Characters incl spaces)



The NRA’s
Freedom utopia
Is a warzone

(39 Characters incl spaces)


Take Me to An Escape

Take me to an escape
Where there is no violence
And no abrupt corruption
Where there is no war
And we can live
Without any interuptions
Take me to an escape

(159 Characters incl spaces)


Bandaid Battalion

Your Father
My Brother
My Uncle
Your Cousin
Your best buddy
My old friend
My next door neighbour
Your corner store owner
Our loss
Our debt
Our mishap
Our war

(157 characters incl. spaces)


Old News

family letters give
news from wartime England..
a new poignancy
now sender and recipient
have passed on…

(110 characters incl. spaces)


The unknown

We left our names in no-mans-land
during a rare and thirsty truce.
Now from anonymity of deep trenches
we know our names are there.

(131 characters incl. spaces)