the waiting game

do visions of her dance around your busy mind
like the lingering feeling of love in my heart?
i wonder what you’re thinking.
i always do.

(139 Characters incl spaces)


Plato’s Cave

A shadow in Plato’s
Cave waiting to see
light, eyes closed.
Meanwhile Dancing on
the walls to a rhythm,
My allegory,
My dark Eden, my
Own paradise lost.

(159 Characters incl spaces)


Thinking About Something

Waiting for the right moment of time
It’s now
Even in the odd circumstances it’s now
Either it’s now or never
Seize the present moment of time
It’s yours only.

(159 characters incl. spaces)


Inside the line

Come down on me, I’m just inside the line
Don’t look down at me, I’m just outside my time
Turn left with me, I’ll be waiting to make right
Hold on to me

(153 characters incl. spaces)



We’re waiting here for you
You left so long ago
It’s hard to remember
You said you’d soon return
We’re waiting here for you
It’s hard

(133 characters incl. spaces)



She knows not
for what she waits.
She has always
been waiting.
Does she wait for
her life to begin
or for her life to end?

(123 characters incl. spaces)



Time and pain,
to each is private.
While you’re hurting in #wait,
fear will keep it afire.

(90 characters incl. spaces)