The Witch

The moon whispers
of spells & secrets
of ancient rituals
of the lands beyond
It called her by a name
The name deep within
The one no one had known
The one from centuries past
And she had changed
She would never be the same
She understood the charge
She now would begin

(268 Characters incl spaces)



what was going through your head when you met me?

what were you thinking?

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(125 Characters incl spaces)



In a room for rent another year ending! I dressed in black, went out and gifted myself a large puzzle on that surreal Catalan land; I solved it as my homeland.

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October Sun

the eyes closed, I am lying
on a bed of fallen leaves
I can smell the soil so close
& in the far, the scent of decay

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A man came riding by on his rocking horse
At great speed
I didn’t care
I was reclining on my sideboard
Eating a lobster Thermidor
So sorry

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I was born
You were born
You went your way
I went mine
We both grew older
I joined an army
So did you
Then our paths crossed
You shot me…🍎

(141 Characters incl spaces)