A Proper Way Out

It’s either this way or that way
Definitely there is a way out
Still it’s better to trust, believe, confirm and be confident with all that you know since past.

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I want to believe in your words
I want to believe in your kiss
I want to believe in you touch
and the moment I do you break the trust i gave you.

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A leap of heart

Like a cat I jumped
With all my heart in your lap
Knowing fully well
You were the trustworthy kind
Who else could have such a smile

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Trend and Trade

Views matter when opinions differ, confidence varies
Under any circumstance it’s important that trust must not disappear when the next opportunity is located.

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I Love

I love
Running my fingers
through your hair.
I love
the warm laughter
that comes from within your heart.
I love how
the hugs you give me
Tell me you trust me.

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The Wind

Is there a reason for your doubt
or is the wind a liar once more
does the dance begin in your mind
or is it you that needs to be stopped?

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Note to My Friend

The next time
you think
I should be hit
by a bus…
Just tell me to jump
So my last thoughts
won’t be
of the friend
Who threw me under.
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