The Way I Love You

you love me the way
you love trees
I love trees too
but that is not the
way I love you
you love her
the way others
don’t understand
that is the way
I love you

(159 Characters incl spaces)


Seasons of Life

Glistening leaves washed by rain
Puddles where dry earth had lain
Seasons come and seasons go
Know that so does joy and woe

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Going Home

pine trees stand
along the horizon
against the purple
sky at dusk
going home

(76 Characters incl spaces)



Dark silhouette
Reaches illumined night
Shadow figures scurry
Wriggling red roots
“Fire!” screams the colony
Wings scatter ashes
On winter trees like snow

(156 Characters incl spaces)



the wind..
a stiff petticoat..
rustling leaves..
billowing trees…

(67 Characters incl spaces)