To the Moon and Back

I’d travel to the moon and back‬
‪To watch you wake at dawn‬
‪To see you cuddle in our blankets‬
‪To rumple up your hair‬

‪But time can’t change the craters‬
‪The endless tears or scars‬
‪The void that stands between us‬
‪The emptiness we share‬

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When I found out we were fellow travelers in melancholia, I began to search your work to find that they’ll say “troubled,” when they should be saying genius.

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Man and Exploration

Man’s undying quest to explore
To see what’s beyond the horizon
Consuming us, as it does, to our core
Leaving us wide-eyed and beholden!

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“The thing is”
said the familiar road
“we’ve been here before”
and all the signs
said “slow”
and all the signs
said “stop”
and “look”

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one day that battered old suitcase,
home to battered old books,
living under the bed
will be emptied, filled
and used again.

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How hard can it be

crust of gold leaf
herbs from the amazon
meat from Mongolia
sauce beneath
the Great Barrier Reef
cooked in Etna,
easy as that

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