Mesmerized by my own
simple thoughts of you
How could I even forget
the day you turned my life
Into something new

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A Thing of Past

If not in the present, then why to worry about thoughts from the past
Let the past be a thing of past,
Still there are so many things of concern in the present

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For a moment of time

Let there be some peace of mind
Let there be some calmness
Let the thoughts in mind get settled
Like the water in lake
Let each and everything get setteled.

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Embrace It

Do not grudge pain
It holds on its hot blanket
Evidence of life
Handled and well managed
Life from it
Takes its meanings

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Thoughts of my own

Lost is the mind in thoughts of own
Involved in thoughts of own
Absorbed in thoughts of own
Something for sure
Definitely something is there going on in my mind

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