My Reality

A craggy knoll, a rocky road
Stumbling, lost, doubtful, scared
These are my thoughts
So this is my reality

Bright summit, a journey
Striding, hopeful, positive, brave
These are my thoughts
So THIS is my reality

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Where was the point
When thoughts took flight
Only to roost
On the pen’s tip?

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Pieces of Me

Mystified, I sit
surrounded by torn pieces –
Mind in disarray

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Muddled Up

Engaged is the mind in thoughts of own
Caught up between past and present
When to make the next move and which one will be best
Only time will decide & tell.

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We look at houses

We look at houses

20 years old and laugh
40 years old in disgust
60 years old and wonder who could live there

We are older than houses
& wonder why we wonder

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