End is what you have thought
Start is what you have got
Love is what you have thought
Life is what you have got

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Lost in Oblivion

Wait for a while
Wait for sometime
Give it a thought
Think about it
If possible even search for it
Search for the one moment in time that was lost in oblivion.

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One step at a time

Every thought that comes to mind is about present
Still it’s the passed that get recalled and looked upon
If not now,
then never again.
One step at a time.

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A shining bubble
Creation of breath
Reflection of thought

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If something is not there, which was thought prior,
definitely something new must have occupied it’s place
As in life,
so also in race
Old replaces the new.

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Summer Cabin

long ago summer
cabin at the lake
my blue flower dress
and a love I thought
would last forever

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