Rise After A Fall

Success is sweet to taste,
failure bitter.
Rise after a fall that matters most,
since every rise will decide,
who really desires of success more,
if not most.

(158 Characters incl spaces)


Find a Way Out

Never mind if things did not get worked out at this point in time
You are down, but not out
Give it another try
Try, try and you will get success in life.

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Success will come
When brothers & sisters
Stand on their homes
Firm, & fight this bitters
Of their dome
Making it shine like stars.

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The Endless Hope

for seed to grow up
to spread shawdow of love
for the fresh air
to breathe
for sun of success to come out.
my avant- garde plant

(134 characters incl. spaces)


Disdained Judgment

Judgment cold,
Assessment sour,
He feels Superior
after her failure.
His Crush Of Disdain
falls on her now,
but she’ll succeed;
He: disavowed.

(143 characters incl. spaces)



Professors beware
intellectual success
lies in inventing
lies to conceal common truths
and sound holier-than-thou

(127 characters incl. spaces)