Spring Is A Long Time Away

I want spring.
Daisies light breeze clear nose urge to sneeze.
Walking out without a jacket.
Skin showing, sun.
I want spring.
But winter hasn’t even come.

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new chestnut leaves
unfurl around a blackbird..
Elgar plays..
an English Spring…

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Female Poetry

My friend is a poet.
His poetry springs and rings forth
In presence of women.
In the absence of women
It slips into hybernation
Only to be awakened by women.

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pretenses flow like wine
a river through your blackened insides
roses bloom for spring
“will there be any at your grave site?”
a thought that plagues all men

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On Making a Move

He’s sexier in spring,
tan, toned, robust with purpose.
Alas, soil and sunlight
keep him from bed
til exhaustion descends.
Perhaps at dawn.

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dead heat

rise like smoke
four o’clock in the morning
tender/loving, raw/unnerving
not much else in common

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