From winter to spring
From heat to frozen
From moon to sun
From light to dark
I didn’t know what direction I was going
Only that I couldn’t wait to get there

(157 Characters incl spaces)


Myself and others

Walking in winter is a struggle
for #myself and others. Our
legs creak in concert with old
oak branches, we squint
when snow pack thaws to fog.
Winter taunts us. Spring is
just another season.

(192 Characters incl spaces)


Micropoem #1

Fall’s mulch is
No less a
Than Spring’s first bud is
A signal of a
New day

(97 Characters incl spaces)


Red Bud

upon gnarled black boughs
in vernal tidings amok
sway ruby red buds

(67 Characters incl spaces)


Seasons of Life

Glistening leaves washed by rain
Puddles where dry earth had lain
Seasons come and seasons go
Know that so does joy and woe

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Time Unchanged

Celebrate a new day starting at sunset
Celebrate a new month at new moon
Celebrate a new year starting in spring
Celebrate time as it was in the beginning.

(155 Characters incl spaces)


Facing Spring

Lake Ontario surged dark
& rolling, capped white and
grey. The wind felt strong enough
to throw a man off the pier.
He turned his face from it.

(148 Characters incl spaces)