Her Favorite Style

Hair of auburn that dances in the sun
A million freckles, each one
For the amount of times my soul springs to life
It’s her favorite style
Love, a smile & life

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Does your soul burn?

Does your soul
Wen you trade
Your body
To earn
Glamour I see
But are there scars within
In shimmering lights
And dingy rooms
The wounds

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Star Dweller

Not of this world
he dwells among
the stars and mystic light
weaving magic
with a tender seduction
that will enchant your heart
and bewitch your soul

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A sacred bond
Has truly brought
Sublime chants around.
Their echoes will expand
A grace for the soul
That will never end…

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Open your mind
open your heart
open your soul
& open your eyes,
for then, you will
be open to life
& all it’s possibilities.

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Gluttonous, I guzzle words,
A vain attempt to fill the hole.
How vacant I’ve #become;
Famished, undernourished soul.

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