Concepts and soul

Dreaming of concepts evil and good
Concepts of time not yet understood
Concepts of space what is our role
Is there one for the real human soul

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the soul, WHAT?

soul can be romantic
it can be philosophical, theological
religious, spiritual
but what is the soul? its U baby, its me
don’t think just be
soul mate, all,one

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Chosen Soul

You render
A vague, uncompromised chastity
An exposed soul
Love without expectation
Never malignant
Never the green darkness of envy

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In the silence of the lane
A sanctuary of comfort
Reaching the darkest corner of the soul

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory

my undoing

my undoing
every day
begins and ends
in you
and if darkness
consumes my soul
and I depart
this earthly plane
I will be with you

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