Not just Wires.

I’m not granting
no information
to or for the information highway,
‘What do u call her?’
she/he/it will never
be gaining access
into my soul.

(152 characters incl. spaces)



For touching my soul
Thank You, Thank You
Thank You, Adieu 2013
Wishing you wake
To you’re fantastical
Dream 2014

(113 characters incl. spaces)


Soul of 2013

Torment of abuse
distant solace
ceated like an artist canvas
masterpiece of #memories
now a reflection scattered
in the soul of 2013

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When I’m standing in front of you,
biting my lips
and looking at yours,
I feel bold,
as if at any second
I could reach out
and taste your soul.

(151 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #veryshortstory


In the shadow
Of her life
To know the
Geniuses of her soul
No captured memories
Your dying voice
Silent to her life

(121 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #veryshortstory