A man came riding by on his rocking horse
At great speed
I didn’t care
I was reclining on my sideboard
Eating a lobster Thermidor
So sorry

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I’m sorry for looking
too far, too deep
making out
its for keeps

I’m only passing
through not hanging around
a trajectory unravelling
Seen but not found

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so of course..
as I walked away in stilettos..
I added more hip sway..
making sure he’d be sorry…

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I got caught.
I would have owned up but
Who would have thought
You’d leave me cut
Open and wrought
With pain for
Me to sort.

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ruok? y so l8?
no1 here so w8 n w8
u 4get our dner d8?
OMG! So sorry!
I 4got! 4give me!
Np no need to sk8
btw all is gr8
ttyn n no cul8ter
cos im in luv w d w8ter

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