i can fold my hands a thousand times

on a thousand different nights

and never pray

(87 Characters incl spaces)



She tiptoed through life
Till one day
A forgotten melody played, her anklets jingled
She danced and the world was her stage
and her life she scripted

(150 Characters incl spaces)


Her Journey

They left her all alone
One tear and one sigh at a time
She existed
Slowly, one prayer and one smile at a time
She lived

(122 Characters incl spaces)


Walking Past

Stagnation weeps history
Thankful for dawn beyond darkness
Find your tear in the ocean
Whims challenge destiny
Thankful to you
My tear rescued in your hand

(155 characters incl. spaces)



Drowned in his favorite drink,
He thinks of his muse,
The world makes a mockery of it,
Now all he seeks is just recluse.

(122 characters incl. spaces)



not far from shore
he prefers waters
rhythm lapping hull
to the relentless rush
of tires on macadam

(102 characters incl. spaces)



She is the tree
green & wide
abundantly dressed
spreading her sleeves
blesses all
in her cool shade
solitude teems
with breezy songs

(154 characters incl. spaces)