Awe of Beauty

Sipping my morning cup of brew
Smoking my morning smoke
In awe of beauty
As I watch the smoke linger
With the sweet taste of my morning brew.

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hACK j0b

Blessed be we to smoke and laugh in deplorable ecstasy. To this dreadful habit, through yellowing grin i flash the smirk from cashier to clerk, to gain my prize

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Veiled in Smoke

Veiled in smoke
The small cave
Stifled the
Sound of thunder
As she lay
Her offerings
On the altar
For Him
To venerate
And cherish

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like cigar smoke
he envelopes me
getting under my skin
stealing my breath
a habit I can’t break

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Dirt & Candy

he was dirt & candy..
dark smoke-filled places..
kisses full of regret..
he was irresistible..

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3 am

3 am..cigarette..
blowing smoke rings
around the moon…

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