The Witch

The moon whispers
of spells & secrets
of ancient rituals
of the lands beyond
It called her by a name
The name deep within
The one no one had known
The one from centuries past
And she had changed
She would never be the same
She understood the charge
She now would begin

(268 Characters incl spaces)



I tried to hide
all that I feel
Tried to deny
what seems surreal
I tried to hide
just leave it be
buried so deep
come find me.

(127 Characters incl spaces)


Secret willows

Through the rainbow
A light made of gold
Colours are changing
And Secrets are told…

Under the willows
All dreams are to hold
Stories are telling
Now the rain falls on

(160 Characters incl spaces)


Whispering secrets

I’ve got a secret
You kinda already know
But I can’t confess
How true my emotions are,
So I’ll whisper, psst I’m yours

(118 Characters incl spaces)