My mod upbringing

on shingle,
pretending to be Jimmy,
in the town where the mods go
while dad pranced
and mum saved souls,
salt and seaweed made me.

(133 characters incl. spaces)


Become New Again

As the waves continue to crash
The tides still push and pull
The current will not drag me under
I am a new person
I will not let the sadness win.

(145 characters incl. spaces)


Green Sky

The sky became green and phosphorescent.
Reflected on the surface of the sea,
it shone a ghastly aquamarine.
Unseen below, sea life mutated.

(140 characters incl. spaces)



Our mouths estuaries one with the other,
restless rivers swelling into raging sea,
we storm, sweep, drown each other
mercilessly, deathly, beautifully.

(152 characters incl. spaces)


Out Of Bounds

Tried to be
The rock in the sea
Onto which you’d cling for safety
But to you water was tasty
And your eyes said: “Out of bounds”.

(129 characters incl. spaces)


Into the deep

Into the deep
Blue darkening water
Cavernous but full gorged black
Sinuous life slides silently past
A world within
A world without
Alien, sleek

(153 characters incl. spaces)



When I die,
set my bones in the water
to float across the sea
to the beaches of Eden
so I can rest there
in the cool shade
of the fruit-laden trees

(155 characters incl. spaces)