Seascape/ kaleidoscopic in half-sleep/ as if the beach had thrown/ tumbled glass/ before a swirl of sunlit water/ -shh-/ Sleep now/ my love

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Tears Of The Deep

The moon rises and sets,
the sea waves roar,
the dolphins fly,
the whales cry,
my heart opens;
my hands reach for you;
standing above the earth as I soar.

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only oceans part us,
only oceans enliven us,
only oceans deliver us,
only oceans devour us,
only oceans cleanse us,
only oceans

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Foreign breeze

Water trickles frm bundled-up sea-soaked hair;
dries instantly,leaves a salt-trail betwn hot,bare shoulders
Sun-chapped lips tingle in d foreign breeze

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Light spills

Light spills
on wooden beams,
father returns from d sea
swings d door a little2hard
Armful of poppies
lie beside mother
as she turnd his kiss to her cool cheek.

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