Tempus Fugit

Time unravels quickly around me.
Sand sifting through grasping fingers.
I reach for a moment, but it slips away.
How did I get here?

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory

As Bones

Driftwood, bleached bone white.
Branches stark against the sand.
Gnarled fingers reach.

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#micropoetry #haiku


Tell me your fears
i will hold them
In a vault
Made of quicksand
They will lie
Next to mine
And manifest
Into monsters
To haunt
You and me

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You whisper

u whispa
dis is a quiet town
i stare unemotional
@d groynes standn winswept
amidst d darknd turqoise tide
my pupils drip blk pigmnt
stainin ur f%tstps in d sand

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