sand lives in nostrils
protecting moisture within
brittle skin without sweat

r soos

(89 Characters incl spaces)



Time in dreams
a teardrop lands
building castles
made of sand
holidays in sun and rain
I am that distant child again

(117 characters incl. spaces)


Union Of Hearts.

You are the shore
I am the sea
The waves our love
which rush endlessly
The foam my kisses
Which caress the sand
as I flow to meet you
and hold your hand

(154 characters incl. spaces)


Summer Dream

Last night
In dreams
It was Summer
In my hair
I wore a rose
I walked barefoot
Along the shore
& woke with sand
Between my toes

(126 characters incl. spaces)


Grainy Days

With time’s flow small grains of sand amass
Yet some specks try to cling to the hourglass

(89 characters incl. spaces)


Immoral Sea

I have seen them
And caressed their
Warm and soft.
My blood roars
To the shore sands
Whence more flesh
It must be this insatiable
Salt in me!
(159 characters incl. spaces)


Seconds, to minutes, to hours, time is still passing like sand through an hour glass bottle. Will I turn it around tomorrow?

(125 characters incl. spaces)



shifting yet
to regret back

after step
sands of time

foot pull
twist in hell

day ice
night into

(116 characters incl. spaces)


Digital Clouds

My memories are like sands of time
Floating up into a cloud
Waiting for your download

(85 characters incl. spaces)