Walking in Mist

Walking in mist.
Sad to the bone.
Moonglow shining;
I have no home.
Forsaken, lost,
in defeat.

(118 Characters incl spaces)



O lover of mine
to your heart, long is the line
ever I’ll be waiting
for your love or hating

(92 Characters incl spaces)


the waiting game

do visions of her dance around your busy mind
like the lingering feeling of love in my heart?
i wonder what you’re thinking.
i always do.

(139 Characters incl spaces)


Those Nights

I miss you and
our nights like that.
Just us,
doing things we shouldn’t be and
doing each other.
I love it and
I love you.

(127 Characters incl spaces)


out here

Here on the bittersweet,

near the edge of conversation

just out of reach,

melancholy lingers

here on the bittersweet

(124 characters incl. spaces)


He is

a graying, yellow ribbon
tied around my neck;
fraying daffodils in bloom.

(74 characters incl. spaces)




because I’ve long adored
the wishful thoughts
of living the rest
of our lives
happily, and together…

Even if only in poetry.

(147 characters incl. spaces)