Locked in a Cage

Deep beneath your surface
Where no one else can see
Your heart, locked in a cage
You threw away the key
I will never give up
Never…can’t you see
Relentless I will love you
Your heart, I will set free

(201 Characters incl spaces)



Bloodstained words
Drift on a crinkly page,
Conjuring up a narrative
Of wars and romance.

(89 Characters incl spaces)



I parted the Seven Seas,
the brightest stars,
swirling galaxies…

till it’s only you
I see…

and then you cut
through me.

(125 Characters incl spaces)



there’s passion

between us

but we stay blind

we keep our urges

deep inside

we are tempted

to touch each other

but we stay deprived

(137 Characters incl spaces)



We break our ankles in the tall grass, wilt like cracked melons in the heat. My hands are your thighs. Your caress is anesthetic.

(129 Characters incl spaces)


So right

If given one guess
You’d scoff at there being more
Who hold(s) my heart tight
Every single day of life,
Only you could be so right

(130 Characters incl spaces)


Summer bed

Wildflower meadow
Under the warm evening sun
Our soft summer bed,
Your wet kisses topple me
Onto the flowery sheets

(115 Characters incl spaces)