An Endless Search

Live life according to what you want
Be yourself
Always be a part of what you want in life
Sooner or later the rest will follow
Time heals everything in life.

(158 Characters incl spaces)


For a Moment or So

Winds change their direction
Thoughts now entirely rest and depend upon intentions
It’s a way of life
It’s a part of life
It’s there in life
It remains there for a moment or so
However, it makes it’s presence felt

(232 Characters incl spaces)


Fragile Silence

Early morning
Little or no noise outside
Peace of mind
Let the moment remain in mind forever
Difficult to experience same moment through rest of the day.

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Testing Time

Some of the things seem certain
Some of them uncertain
The rest ascertained
Still an anxiety remains
That’s because mistakes from past must not happen again.

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