Time and again

A desire still exists as part of present
Something remained as a desire in the remote past
A sharp contrast between past & present is what life is all about

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Adapting To A Change

Somethings come with time
Somethings come on time
Somethings are learnt with time
Time, however, has always remained not only important, but also precious.

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Dreams Do Come True

Dreams do come true,
when something like this happens in life,
most of the time,
we don’t know that something like this has remained a part of life since prior.

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Running out of time

Things have changed
A lot of things have changed
In all the changes that happened one thing that has remained same
Time, time keeps running
Time has not changed

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It’s time that has remained important all the time
It’s time that makes all the difference all the time
It’s time that matters not all, but almost all the time.

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