The Relationship

The Relationship
I can only think of you
with exasperation
at the challenging mix
of slick and stinging ways
that make you
my cactus.

(137 Characters incl spaces)


A Foolish Man

A man who is
A condraction
Within himself is
A man who is
An intellectual
Yet lives without love
A foolish man
Is a hateful man

(127 Characters incl spaces)


When minds dace

Both straight to the point
Like a dance between two minds
Our thoughts intertwine
I’m smiling because I know
Yours will always be the last

(138 characters incl. spaces)



I’m not happy.
We’re two different people.
It still amazes me how we’re together.
But I’m not happy.
And I don’t think I ever could be.

(135 characters incl. spaces)



His broad stature,
straight face and
green-eyed gaze
burned right through
her, picked her
apart and threw
her to the

(127 characters incl. spaces)


and cut

The editor cut his last scene,
too emotional, not relevant to her plot

with cruel cuts slowly she
reduced him to a minor character.

(136 characters incl. spaces)


Power Shift

the power shift
in their relationship
was obvious
when he gazed into
the reflecting pool
of her eyes

(105 characters incl. spaces)