Inside the ice cave
Drops of fear and regret form
Looming icicles,
Enslaved by apprehension
Let your fiery heart break free

(123 Characters incl spaces)



deep as the abyss
the trench within my mind
try and dwell
don’t drown below 5ft

risk with your eyes
don’t regret,
whatever lies

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After I sent it
Filled with regrets
Crying I’m sorry
It wasn’t meant
Can’t take it back
Goes out one way
What should I do?
What can I say?

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Dirt & Candy

he was dirt & candy..
dark smoke-filled places..
kisses full of regret..
he was irresistible..

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Excuse Me

My mind & heart; each part to dissect
A mistake to confuse & bemuse your lovers
Talk of regret as I lose all respect
When man is minion to opinions of others

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If only

Yesteryear, yestertime,
Present always in my mind,
A sleight of word, a pause too long,
Too late to right the life so wronged

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