The distorted imagination is perhaps what we think is reality,
The yearning is perhaps the vacuum we only carry.

(112 Characters incl spaces)


Shattered Futures

Walking through a
landscape of shattered futures.
The broken worlds
reflected in a mirror of time
Shards of unreality
built from the remnants of unlived potential

(162 Characters incl spaces)



Shot in the heart by a song
Black tar, leaking.
A weak grasp
Of this reality;
Found within the key of
A minor.

(111 Characters incl spaces)



Finding my dreams
in the sky
of imagination
found it on
the earth
of reality!

(101 characters incl. spaces)



Twist or stick,
It’s that simple.
One call, one flick.
Reel into real unto the dimpled mist.
Fake control,
Cake reason.
Shake up.

(129 characters incl. spaces)