Waste of Time

Never give up in life for any random reason
Time spent is time consumed,
which means,
if you have decided to give up,
then from next moment,
time spent will be waste of time.

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Crossing paths
Commonplace now
Seemingly random
But tiltering
on the edge
Where meaning

(95 characters incl. spaces)


Musical Nights

It went all haywire throughout the day,
He wanted to make it all right,
Immersed in his music,
he found his way in the solace of the night.

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Unprecedented, indomitable rage.
One that lingers in the deep confines of our minds.
Rage, an entity that doesn’t age.

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Her aura was reminiscent of a breathe of fresh air,
Like a gentle spring breeze, she was the rarest of rare.

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False Hopes

He swam across the flood of his own deranged thoughts to find the light,
Little did he know, the demon was right there to add to his plight.

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