Ticktock Goes The Clock

The clock of life ‘ticktocks’ quickly like silver lightening!
It’s moving hands never stand still as I watch the day slipping into the night.
Stealing hours, minutes and seconds of precious life moments,
Before the clock’s chimes STRIKE an end to the day!

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Illuminating Emptiness

Never decide something on the basis of what you have done prior
You are one amongst rest,
still you are different
World is a fast changing place
Time precious.

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Time is Precious

Everything comes at a price
Even the loss of time that which needs to be compensated comes at a price
Difference been either you pay directly or indirectly.

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Adapting To A Change

Somethings come with time
Somethings come on time
Somethings are learnt with time
Time, however, has always remained not only important, but also precious.

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I hope precious one , someday , you talk me to sleep with a hand in my hair ,

because you are the unwritten story in my life.

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