Every face worn, in time,
Blurs into blurb. We risk
Morphing into the same,
Like a mist of politics.
We all hide.

(113 characters incl. spaces)



politics leave me squeezed
like an orange in a bench vise
like an eye fighting tears
like a fist of frustration
like coal becoming diamonds

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At the Faire

Meet me at laissez-faire
and be vintage without a care.
Take cream tea
from the fools for free.
At the nothing there

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bloodletting in
footsteps of kings
a dollop

of charm leavened
with sincerity
hint of concern

don’t look
at his crimson feet
or hands

(134 characters incl. spaces)



smudge of wanton justice
yellow sticky notice
stuck to glass storm door
you can see the wind howling
our garbage shots second

(125 characters incl. spaces)


Chiseled Truth

Our leaders
Have perfected the art:
Stating things over and
Over again,
Blatant lies
Becoming the
Chiseled truth

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