Take Me to An Escape

Take me to an escape
Where there is no violence
And no abrupt corruption
Where there is no war
And we can live
Without any interuptions
Take me to an escape

(159 Characters incl spaces)



I need to escape,
To an exotic landscape.
Free from monotony,
Maybe master botany.
Defeat frustration,
Embrace relaxation.

(122 Characters incl spaces)


do little

pushmi-pullyu is an odd beast
one end talks while the other eats
in case of indigestion
” who makes the noise?”
is a good question

(131 Characters incl spaces)



The painter passes by the bench
Devoid of lavish vine,
Where sits an aging poet
That sees between the #lines.

(109 Characters incl spaces)



On lines
Of her hand
Love was engraved
she gave everything
Left with nothing
But heart full
of happiness.

(106 Characters incl spaces)


Time Lines

Time has come to visit
It’s left its calling card
Upon my face
Lines that gently remind me
Heaven or hell awaits

(113 Characters incl spaces)