To the Moon and Back

I’d travel to the moon and back‬
‪To watch you wake at dawn‬
‪To see you cuddle in our blankets‬
‪To rumple up your hair‬

‪But time can’t change the craters‬
‪The endless tears or scars‬
‪The void that stands between us‬
‪The emptiness we share‬

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Where was the point
When thoughts took flight
Only to roost
On the pen’s tip?

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a #step is a step
is a word is a word,
until suddenly like stout Cortez above Darien,
in front of you is the entire world

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Small worlds

The only good thing of a #wall
Is that, one day, it falls,
And frees our thought, so long confined,
That kept our big world small.

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I tried to hide
all that I feel
Tried to deny
what seems surreal
I tried to hide
just leave it be
buried so deep
come find me.

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