Poet’s Life

Aesthetics views
Of abstract speculations
And theoretical definitions
The viewpoint of a poet’s life
In which they write.

(122 Characters incl spaces)


Corrupt Vine

Tight against drunken Mother’s bosom
Down spoiled fruit
Falling from corrupt vine
Futures grandeur

(114 Characters incl spaces)


Fallen Angel

Wings torn by perversity
Light dimmed, halo faint
Pray for the wings to heal
For an Angel is born to fly.

(106 Characters incl spaces)


Broken wings

Dignity violated, confidence shattered
Clothes and pride shredded to pieces
Domination and not desire
Why should She feel guilty?

(130 Characters incl spaces)


The Superior One

Her fortitude unrivalled
Her patience unmatched
Her intelligence unsurpassed
She is the inferior one, to be mocked and abused.

(129 Characters incl spaces)


The Wait

Each second an hour, each hour a year
Anxious, nervous and impatient
Each new day just a step forward to the Day
All that exists for now is the Wait.

(150 Characters incl spaces)