how tender
this morning light ..
falling on the petals
of the hyacinth…

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Beauty of Nature

Intoxicating dew drops
Like Soma ras of the Gods
Touched by the color of petals
Garnished with nectar
Beauty of nature
In a single eternal sip

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Blossoms Of Love.

Thinking of you
the air is filled with
fragrant blossoms
unfolding their petals
like my heart
to receive you within me

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Mystic Eyes

Misty love,
quiet sighs,
breath of petals,
Mystic Eyes!
Lips so soft,
Heart so true!
With all my being,
I love you!

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wild flower

wild flower
the tallest tower
among other faceless petals
alone in its beauty waits for some little
girl to embrace it

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