The Witch

The moon whispers
of spells & secrets
of ancient rituals
of the lands beyond
It called her by a name
The name deep within
The one no one had known
The one from centuries past
And she had changed
She would never be the same
She understood the charge
She now would begin

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A Proper Way Out

It’s either this way or that way
Definitely there is a way out
Still it’s better to trust, believe, confirm and be confident with all that you know since past.

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Muddled Up

Engaged is the mind in thoughts of own
Caught up between past and present
When to make the next move and which one will be best
Only time will decide & tell.

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Variation is what life is all about
Few things from the past tend to look different in the present & will be much more different in the future
It’s variation.

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